About Us

The Mona Entrepreneurial and Commercialization Centre (MECC) is a Social Enterprise with a mission of inclusivity focused on women-led, youth-led & differently-abled enterprises.

MECC is pronounced mek, like the Jamaican (patwa) for the verbs to make and let us.

Our vision is to empower vulnerable populations and practically impact poverty, economic development, equality, and equity consistent with United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Vision 2030, and UWI Triple A Strategy. Our values include Integrity, Excellence, Inclusiveness, Commitment, Passion, and Collaboration.

What We Do

The Mona Entrepreneurial & Commercialization Centre (MECC) transforms ideas into products and businesses to facilitate sustainable growth, providing critical support throughout pre-incubation, incubation and post incubation. We provide the highest quality service to transform new enterprises into profitable businesses while maintaining our own sustainability.


Clients Served


Jobs Created


Entrepreneurial Contacts

Our clients and alum have recieved over US$1.5M in awards, grants & investments.